Peter Vandever and his best stuff

So, you are looking for Peter Vandever’s amazing articles, huh? Well, I am glad you like the stuff I write. Over the years, I have produced some real cool and viral articles. Some of them very controversial as well. It wouldn’t be Peter Vandever with some controversy, right?

Who is Peter Vandever?

Peter VandeverI have the About page but you don’t want to click over there so I will say a little bit about the man, Peter Vandever here. I am a son of a military officier and a stay at home mother. My roots go back to being a military brat at Clark Air Force Base and later Rosecrans AFB where my father finished out his career as part of the 139th Airlift Wing.

My background in Computer Science and much of what I do around here is more technical than looking pretty. I want Peter Vandever for knowledge, not vainity and looking all fancy.

Where does Peter Vandever write

I have this website of course that is centered around issues in technology, Web Design and Search Engine Optimization.

The Gypsy Backpacker is my randomly updated Travel Advice website. It has alot of information about traveling in Samoa, Fiji, Philippines and Malaysia to name a few. The most sought after article is how to get a Ferry from Iloilo to Palawan in the Philippines. It is followed in popularity by Where to party in Fiji.

Tread no more is my personal blog about non-technology stuff. It is about things like Living like a King in the Philippines, Village Stays in Samoa and Philippines Prison system.

HDR Guy is my photography stuff. I focus on what is called High Dynamic Range fine art. You can find out how to use Google’s Nik Collection, Photomatrix Pro and even how to add smog to your pictures. Not all images are by Peter Vandever but most are there.

So you want the best of the best from Peter Vandever?

Search Engine Optimization– One thing I get alot of people coming to the website is about how to have better SEO. I write regularly about it but here is some of the better articles I have wrote lately.

Web Development– If you are Web Designer like Peter Vandever, you might find these helpful. It is advice without all the typical bullshit that comes with it.

Payment Platforms- Alot of people email me and ask about which platform is best and is there an option besides Paypal. There is! They all good things about them and all have bad. I tested four of them that are most commonly used.

Other Articles– Before Tread No more, I use this for my personal blog. There are some older articles that still get alot of traffic. Many of them are shared often around the internet and on social media. These are what put Peter Vandever on the map.