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I am going to continue with caution but a simple answer is Polynesian women are amazing people is so many ways.

I have lived among the people of Polynesia for the last few years and visited them in Samoa, Tonga, and Hawaii. I also make my home in American Samoa.

I have always found the women to be some of the most understanding and sweetest people. They care about things and many times are the man and the woman of the house. (Some of the husbands are not quality material to say the least). They are true leaders and have a solid position in the community and the family.

Here is a short music video produced in American Samoa that tells part of the story.

Many of the women in Polynesia have to work because of financial reasons and many times, they are the only position of strength in the home. They love and serve to see their children become leaders in the community.

A few years ago, a statitic was flowing around Apia, Samoa that 1 in 2 women test positive for a Sexual Transmitted Infection. Alot of people were blaming the women for this. I looked into it and found the source of the problem: taxi cab drivers and businessmen.

You see, late at night there are mentally ill women on the streets of Apia (some of them literally live in the public toilets) and for money, they sell their bodies to taxi drivers. The taxi drives to the back of the Federal government building by the Central Bank in the dark, do their thing and drive back up and the girl gets out.

A more “high class” version of this is when businessman take women to Krystal’s (by Apia Park) and to Tatitana (one by the market) and rent for a “short time.” While they are soliciting sexual favors; their wives are home looking at the children, preparing dinner, and making sure the children have the best education possible.

In case you question this claim, here is a review from TripAdvisor and if you click it, you can go to the all the reviews of the hotel and read the SEVERAL people who point out the issue.

(by the way, I personally saw a police officer in uniform bring a girl to Tatitana for an hour and then leave.)

Does this happen everywhere? Maybe. I personally haven’t seen this in American Samoa but I am sure it does happen and I hear about adultery in SamoaNews sometimes. It, for sure, happen in the Philippines but the Philippines does not pride itself on being founded on evangelicalism. (We are a Catholic nation)

At the end of the day, I highly respect the women in Polynesia for remaining true to their values of marriage and working to save their marriage, even despite adultery. It speaks alot to the culture and the religious importance of Christianity in the lives of the polynesian women.

With this said, there are some true men of God in Samoa as well that love their wives and are faithful to the end. Sadly, they are not all like that. It has been said that most men in the Pacific have three affairs in their lifetimes.

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