Palawan and poverty

Palawan is a place that has great hope. It has alot of possibilities. However, what it does not have to is a population that is ready to take responsibility for those opportunities. Tourism, Gas fi

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Olx: A testament of economics

Olx is the Philippines (and other nations too) answer to craigslist. In theory, it would work great. You can post things you are selling for free and people can buy them by meeting you for free. Olx i


We just hit 100,000+ views in 2014!

My goal was to get 100,000 views in 2014 and as of October 29th Manila time; we have done it! In the world of SEO, this is a big milestone for a simple website. I am not Mashable,


Where are all the Filipino developers?

This morning, I was chilling out with a friend of mine that is part of the Muffin Group; a team of developers in Poland that just passed $1,000,000 in sales of their products on Themeforest.

Amazon Holds News Conference

Online business: Ebay or Amazon?

I have studying the different platforms to do eCommerce on. The most developed ones are Amazon and Ebay. No big surprise there but which one is better? The answer seems to be a question, "H


Thinking in transitally: Migration

Most things your greatest challenge is your brain. The word repent means to change your mind in order to change your life. That sounds great but in reality, it is a challenge. I am a world


Migration: Is there a future in the Philippines?

A common thought over the last few months is about migration. For most Filipinos, migration is not a question. They have to remain here for practical reasons. The one that do head out of the country a


Photography can change the Philippines.

What a strong declaration but it is true. Photography is the answer to ending poverty in the Philippines. You might think what in the world does putting out your iPhone have to do with poverty allevia


Review: What I learned from Trey Ratcliff

I was handed a book by Trey Ratcliff's book, A World in HDR, and I wanted to read it. I have respect for Trey as a photographer and HDR is his niche. It is my growing ni


Responding to Expat’s criticism

This is one of those articles I wish I never had to write. There is a group of older white guys in the Philippines offended at me. The reason: I rained on their party. Being a Son of Thunder can creat