Melissa Tenbrink and Peter Vandever: Get the facts!

There is an email that is moving around Social Media from a woman named Melissa Tenbrink from Harveyville, Kansas. She is the former Melissa Campbell of Troy, Kansas and student at Highland Community College. The facts of the issue is I did know her, I did date her, and we did have a somewhat serious

Reekay Velez wants Peter Vandever dead!

Well, I wrote about how Reekay Velez is a sexpat before and now he has said that he is “waiting for the day” that someone tried to kill me. Yes, Reekay Velez wants Peter Vandever dead. That is right, ladies and gentlemen. He not only wants me dead, he has employs a posse of Australians

Filipino have a math problem

You might think I want to focus on academics of education today but I don’t. I want to focus on the basic logic that the education system seems to not give a shit about. Filipinos must be the illogical people on the planet. I just read an article from one these tree hugging,¬†socialistic, dipshit that

San Carlos need real wifi!

I found myself in San Carlos, Negros after leaving Cebu City to escape the Sinulog festival. In the Philippines, it does not matter if you are poor; you waste your money on beer, drugs, and women during festivals. It is good business for the family of the President that owns the beer company. After getting

Is the Philippines safe for Americans?

Alot of Americans come to the Philippines but just how safe is it? Remember, you are safe until you are unsafe. At that point, it is too late! Safety is one of the most important things for an expat to consider to be honest. The simple answer is not really but you can make it