Is Phone charges too high in the Philippines?

The Philippines has a few telecommunication company and hardly any anti-trust laws. That makes for a lack of development and the entry of other players into the market.

With rates like P7.50 per minute (Smart) and P7.25 (Globe); there is something wrong. While the rates do not sound too bad; it adds up. It also is interesting that are rates are high compared to Hong Kong (P4), Singapore (P2.8), India (P3.2)


WordPress, I want a divorce.

I have used WordPress for many years. In fact, I was using in back before it was even called WordPress but today, I am filing for a motion of divorce.

WordPress has been amazing. WordPress is amazing. WordPress will be amazing. By no means, am I saying it is bad. In fact, most clients will continue to be built on it.

WordPress is everything that is wrong with the CMS


Does relationship matter, anymore?

I have been thinking about something the last few days and talking about it a little with friends. Are we as people losing our relationship factor and as a nation are we losing culture because of it.

Before I go into my thoughts, I do realize every nation has at least four culture wrapped into one. The lifestyle of the poor; the lifestyle of the middle class; the lifestyle of the


What makes the poor so poor?

A common question that I ask myself over and over again is why are poor people….well, so poor? What is the root of poverty? Is it something interal or is it really something out of their control?

There is for sure little changing among poor in most countries, especially in the Philippines.

There are (at least) three things that keep people poor.

1. Void of Ambitions or goals

Most Flipinos that are in poverty


Embracing the Shift

Life is full of gears that have to shifted. Sometimes it is forward, sometimes it is neutral and sometimes it is backwards. It is up to us to figure out which gear to shift in.

Since about October 2013, I have had one place in my heart to see, to check out and explore some possibilities. That place is Sri Lanka. 

I have been


Lost: Flipino Hospitality. Please return if found

The Philippines is known world wide for its’ hospitality. At least it was.

Having lived in the Philippines most my life, I have seen a transition from hospitality to greed. People just don’t care and serve out of that care anymore. They serve for a payment of some type: preferable cash. It is a really sad story to tell, actually.

The days of love for humanity are over

Growing up, Filipinos just love


Capturing humanity’s heart

From time to time, something comes to you that can impact others. It might be something you have to give, some skills you can do, some knowledge you have but something you have can bring hope to people.

One thing that brings home is photography.

People love to see pictures and it reminds us of a plight of a people, a generation and a nation.

I live in the Philippines. It is a


I am coming home

I am coming home.

That’s a promotional video that Larawan is working on for OMG Hostel in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This is a great family that is opening their home up to the world that is coming to the Underground River and El Nido, Palawan.


The song to be used is Skylar Grey’s Coming home.

It has me thinking: What is a


Philpost: Keep Flipinos poor since 1767

Running a business in the Philippines can be a challenge and it is next to impossible to run an online commerce. Why? Philpost is the reason.

In most nations, be it America, Hong Kong, Japan, or New Zealand; international postal service makes being part of the global village quite easy. The customer orders on the website, you pack the product and ship it off at the local Post Office and it

A member of government security holds his weapon at the VIP section of Phnom Penh airport as delegations arrive for the 21st ASEAN and East Asia summits in Phnom Penh

Why Philippines must leave ASEAN


China is working hard to develop economic states in ASEAN. Currently Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand. If they can get a foothold in Malaysia and Singapore; they will. It would seem they are using soft loans to pressure the Philippines. Will it work?

China is doing whatever it can to insult Manila and why? What is it that the Philippines has that the China premier fear so much? Is it the