Why Kim Dotcom matters to you.

Why Kim Dotcom matters to you.

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The Kim Dotcom case matters alot more to the larger internet world that most realize. It will set standard and a bar that will be hard to undo in the coming years. We all know that the case is on shaky grounds and loose ideals. We also know MPAA is in the middle of it. Many, including myself, believe that some people in the Department of Justice have corruptions issues as well.

It is bigger than Kim Dotcom

This is a quote from the MPAA’s President during the 2012 election. Btw, he is also a former Senator himself.

Don’t ask me to write a check for you when you think your job is at risk and then don’t pay any attention to me when my job is at stake. (Chris Dodd, Former Senator from Connecticut)

Several comments from Dodd and others seem to paint a picture of “I scratch your back, you scratch mine.” This not the actions of a Republic or a democratic system but it is still happening. It could mean several problems down the road for the technology community.

While using “piracy” as the drumbeat, it has some several far reaching issues. Issues that could break the internet as we know it. Censorship is never positive. If Hollywood can “buy” a case in US courts against Kim Dotcom and his company for shady claims, where would this end? Could company assassination become common place? They did successful take Pirate Bay down for a month in 2015 too.

I do not think piracy is good and it is even pretty dumb from a developer point of view. Unless you really know your stuff, you could have key loggers, root kits and black hat stuff in the code you downloaded illegally. Most people don’t upload the script because they are passionate about piracy. That’s a given.

However, I am also getting MPAA working hand in hand with Department of Justice to destroy website they don’t like. That is equally uncalled for.

This is not about Kim Dotcom anymore. This is about you now.

FroknowsPhoto, Twitter and Images

FroknowsPhoto, Twitter and Images

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I had a discussion with Jared Polin from FroknowsPhoto recently on Twitter about SEO and how to title images. Many people really do not understand how titles work and the people that they have to help people find you. Jared Polin’s FroknowsPhoto website is normally very well titled. It is what started the discussion we had.

A discussion with FroKnowsPhoto (Jared Polin)

I was on Facebook and saw this stuff in my feed about some shots he did. I wanted to see them and saw the titles would still based on what the camera puts out. It kinda threw me off to be honest.

I thought the best think to do was just zap him a tweet that said something. Maybe, it was an oversight, after all?

He told that be clear saw it as a filing system (which was no surprise). It is come to mark files by year/month/date following by title of the shoot and which number is the series. Again, no real shockers there.  This is common for many photographers to use. I use it as well for trips. If I go to Boracay for the weekend and shoot dozen of shoots, they are marked “2015-March-Boracay-St2-1.” It is the date, city, location, and which image of the bracket I shoot. No harm in this at all. 

Where I was surprised was it was not re-titled before release. Part of the reason I think it was not done was there was 300+ images in the set and retitling each other, researching terms and keywords for each would be a massive project that might or might not produce a return on more valuable viewers.

Why does Image title matter?

Every piece you have online is another way for people to find you. If you do not have it titled to be found, you are losing an avenue for discovery.  This is probably one of the most missed ways in all of SEO using WordPress.

20150218_joe_pizza_dng_001 is great for internal filing but for external purposes showing like “Joe’s Pizzeria in Philly dough” would be better for the wider Googling population. They don’t search for 20150218.

As I told Jared, this was a bit of a surprise to me because normally he is very good at tagging his website for searches quite well.  I love his stuff and it has helped me make better pictures over the years. By no means, am I “calling him out.”

Why 4K Video matters

Why 4K Video matters

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If you are following video work at all, you know 4k is the big thing right now and it matters alot. If you are doing videos, you need to be shooting 4k or get left in the dust.

What is 4k video? It is basically that you have 4,0000 across the side of a frame. It is roughly double what is High Definition video is now. Most of Hollywood is using 4k video now but is quickly moving to 6k and 8k.

4K content is becoming more widely available online including on YouTube, Netflix and Amazon. It is only going to grow from here. Get ready for it. If you don’t get ready, you will be left behind in the dust.

Here is a video I saw that is doing 4k and you can see the power of 4k video. If you can watch it at the highest level.

Is 4k video a problem globally?

One thing to think about is having 4k video uses alot and I do mean alot of bandwidth. Many developing nations still are giving people data by the metabyte. For example, Samoa still gives only 3.5 GB per month for a cost of $100. That is watching about 20 videos using 4k. It is something to think about.

We often think in terms of the internet in the United States, Japan, Philippines, Australia and Europe. We forget people like Samoans are paying $28 a GB, Fijians are paying $3 a GB and New Zealanders pay $1.5 per GB. It is not the end of the world but it is something to think about if you want fans in the developing world or poor countries.

My suggestion would to have 4K but also have the lower speeds as well for people who pay out of the ass for data.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and You

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and You

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Bill Gates and Steve Jobs should matter to you. Why? It is the story of marketing. You can have the best product in the world but if you can’t market, you are screwed. Most amazing innovations go to the graveyard with people because they have no way to make them happen. Marketing themselves to Angel investors is too hard for them. Just ask Nikola Tesla.

Recently, Cnet ran an article about Bill Gates saying he was out of Jobs’s “league” in marketing. This is true… Steve Jobs bullshits with the best of them.

I mean, his whole thing of knowing exactly what he’s going to say, but up on stage saying it in such a way that he is trying to make you think he’s thinking it up right then. (Bill Gates)

Understand what Steve Jobs did

Apple’s products are crappy and they are mostly either stolen or bought innovation but guess what, they are masters of marketing. They make the masses think, “I must have one now.” They build one of the most successful companies in the world based on their marketing crap to people.

The iOS is far from innovate. It is basically Linux Mint with a strong overlay and customized the crap out of it. The trackpad that people love…..  Renzo Curatola made it in Italy. Apple paid him for the technology. So much for innovation. Retina is the same story. This is the history of Apple time and time again.

However, Steve Jobs could come up a stage and sell you a product like no one could. He made you feel you needed his product based on Linux that is free to download and build on.

Am I saying the Apple built a company on bullshitting? Yes I am.

If you want innovation, read about Nikola Tesla; if you are to market yourself, read about Steve Jobs.