Crappy websites are no good.

Crappy websites are no good.

Notes from the Road

Many times SEO is not your problem, it is the website itself. You can’t optimize what just is not there. You have to have good high-quality information on your website for Google to read. One page of general information is not going to cut it.

One client came to me asking to help him get more search engine results to his website. As soon as I looked at it, I knew his problem was not just SEO related: his website was worthless.

It was mostly Jpeg images made in Photoshop and they looked like they was right out of Better Homes and Garden magazine. His problem was he did not have a real website.

In the end, I built him a website from the ground up with SEO as the framework and his traffic grew over 1000% in the next quarter. More importantly, the sales from the website went up 300%.

SEO Problems: crappy  websites

The first question you need to ask is your website just look like it was made in 1995 and looks like a Geocities page? If so, your first problem is not SEO, it is the website itself.

My client had a website that was unusable and most of the discussion that he had was about questions, not orders. Very few people coming to the website converted to customers.

The new website launched and his orders were going “off the hook.” People were contacting him to get bigger orders, not more questions. The difference was huge for him.

A challenge that I like to give people is to take the four biggest competitors in the industry. Load them website in a tab in your browser. Now, load your website into a fifth browser. Move from tab to tab.

If you do not have the best looking website, most robust website, and most friendly website; your first problem has been located. Before you talk SEO, you need to talk Web Design.

SEO Repair on your website

SEO Repair on your website

Notes from the Road

SEO should be a thought of foundation, not improvement when you are looking at a website. Websites built with search results in mind are always better than search results with the website in mind. In some cases, it really does require re-building the website from the ground up.

Let me give you a real world example. President Aquino did not believe that the world largest hurricane would make landfall. He did not make plans to move the people. It did make landfall and it did put 1.2 million in harm’s way. The airport was destroyed. The port was destroyed.

It would have been much easier to move people before the storm than after it hit. It would not have required 30,000 US military personnel and a fourth of Pacific Fleet beforehand.

Websites are the same deal. It is much easier before than after to fix. Repairing websites can be a disaster as well.

SEO repair on websites

If you have a website that is not build for SEO or you took over a website that has serious issues, doing some SEO repairs is in order.

The biggest issue that I see when with clients that I look at is they wrote the websites that did not give a damn what the people search for. They come to see concerned that people can’t find them. The SEO repair is about fixing their screw-ups 90% of the time.

Most times the biggest problem with the websites is the client themselves.

If you own a company called “Three Sisters, Inc” and you sell olive oil in Cleveland, TN; the clients want to read the website as “Three Sisters Inc. | Distristor on Olive Oil in Cleveland, TN” The problem is no one cares about or searches for “Three Sisters Inc.”

However, they do search for “Olive Oil in Cleveland, TN | Three Sister, Inc.” You have to think what people will search for, not what you want them to search for. This is what SEO repair is about.

When titling a website for a small business, always think about 1) what is the business about 2) Where is the business located and 3) What is the name of the business. This rule will help 90% of search results for 90% of small businesses.

A simple review of every page on your website making sure you have what is about first, followed by where it is or who it is second is a miracle worker.

Google believes that first word is the most important and the first few words is what it cares about. Your keyword must be first at all times. This is what SEO repair does.

In’n’Out: A success

In’n’Out: A success

Notes from the Road Philosophy Promo Wordpress

If you are from California, you know that one of the most amazing places to eat is In N Out Burgers. They have some of the best food west of the Mississippi. People will drive an hour just to get a hamburger from them. I know, I have done it.

What In N Out does

They have two options: Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers! They do not try to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. They want to be very focused on what you come for. They have clarity.

Why is clarity so important? It helps your goals and what you are building. It is like being the American Sniper, Chris Kyle from Odessa, Texas. Rambo makes for a great movie but that is not how you want to fight; you want a sniper!

In N Out is like that. They have focus on what do offer, not what they don’t offer!

A Facebook discussion

I am friends with Scott McKain, a corporate speaker, on Facebook (more on him tomorrow). We was having a discussion about this very subject some time ago and he made the following statement,

If you are better than the competition, then you’re different from the competition.

In N Out Burgers is different from McDonalds and Wendy’s because they are better at what they do. It really is that simple. They add value to my life so I give them my business.

Why this matters to your website?

You need to focus on what makes you different and/or better.  Focus your website on one or two main themes and stay with it. This website is about helping those build their own website. Under that heading comes things like SEO, Social Media, and plugins. However, every post need to come back to the main theme: building an online platform.


Real Estate has a lesson for your website

Real Estate has a lesson for your website

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Do you know much about real estate? Unless you are a realtor, you probably don’t but you should. As a blogger or website manager, real estate has a key to your success and that that many miss.

Real Estate is about holding, not flipping

I own a property in El Nido, Palawan. It is in a tourist town and I have had it before people knew it was a place for tourism. I did not buy it on Monday and sell it on Wednesday. That is not how it works. In most cases, the longer you hold on to the property, the more it will be worth when you actually do sell it.

Do people flip real estate? Yes. They do but they do not get the maximum value for the property by doing it. I have a friend that flips houses in Missouri. He makes his money by repeating the task monthly.

Flipping is short term, Holding is long term. 

Why does Real Estate matter to your website?

It matters because a website is about holding. It is about creating content that will be more valuable in a year than in a day. Organic traffic comes from historical content more than some linkbait your marketing officer suggested. One of my most read article is over six years old.

You are building a website, not flipping a website. This is very important to understand.  Your goal is to give Google more reason to trust you. That’s a holding process.

I am a strong believer in blogging daily, giving reason people to trust your content and watch it grow from there. There is nothing overnight about it. I didn’t get to 100,000 views a year just from writing two article yesterday.

Just like Real Estate, you need to think long term. Have goals for next year in mind and write toward them. Blog today for next year’s vision!