Getting paid for Web Design

Getting paid for Web Design

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If you are in Web Design for long, you will know getting paid can be a challenge. Unpaid invoices are a way of life for many. I have 13 unpaid invoices on the books right now ( I just looked) and one of them dating to 2006. It is very being paid.

Three excuses I hear alot and I do alot.

1) They forgot about it. It is possible but is it possible to forget all three reminders afterwards too? I don’t think so. If you missed the first one, there was two more after that as well. You didn’t forget, you just aren’t paying. Simple as that.

2) They are broke. They just don’t have the money to pay for it right now. That is great but when you are friends on Facebook and see all the amazing pictures from their vacations to Hawaii and the brand new BMW they just got; it don’t work.

3) They aren’t happy with it. Some will claim how unhappy they are with the work but are they really? If so, why are you sharing it saying, “check out my amazing website.” When you blowing up Facebook and Twitter with links for it, you must not be that unhappy, right?

What should you do?

The bottom line is some will just not pay like that guy from 2006. I do not plan to ever get paid for it. If he forgot then, he has completely forgotten by now. It is simply a loss.

The good things is that is not a complete loss. If you have power over the server, you could take them offline. If not, look at the good side, you have a back link to your website and that means alot in the SEO world.

There will be losses in all businesses. 

Web Design & working for references

Web Design & working for references

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I get this as a Web design guy sometimes but I get it more in the hosting space to be honest. It is a common problem that we all deal with.

Do my website very cheap (free) and all my friends will see how amazing you are and want to use you.

There is a few problems with this. One of them is it never actually happens.

1) Working for clients down the road does not feed you today. You can’t eat on work you will get in 2020. You need to make money to pay the rent today. That is the first and biggest problem I see.

2) The friends are cheap asses too. Cheap people attract people cheap people. The quality of friends they have probably sucks really bad. Your low baller at the open market in Manila has little in common with Richard Branson. They probably wouldn’t have much of a friendship. I am just being honest.

3) The friends will want the price too. They will come with the “I want it for the same price” game. If you work for cheap once, everyone wants you to work for cheap. I know this from experience.

Basically, just don’t do it. That is best for all involved.

Another possible option would be to give a 50% discount after they have led you to two paying clients. This way you are basically doing three projects (two you wouldn’t have had) for a discount. It is doable and no one gets screwed.

Web Design: Dealing with Cheap Ass Clients

Web Design: Dealing with Cheap Ass Clients

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If you have been in Web Design for long, you know that many clients are certified Cheap ass people. They want something for nothing. They pride themselves in getting designers to work for nothing. Fiverr, Elance and Freelancer encourage them as well.

It happens way too often

A lady, a prophetess at that, wanted me to do a website, a member site, a multi-site install, and the works…. for $150! She went on to tell me I should do it “as worship unto the Lord.” What the hell! Being a Christian does not make a doormat. 

Christians, especially ministries can be some of the worst, most abusive people to work with. They think charge for anything is a sign of greed. After all, love of money is the root of all evil, right?

They wouldn’t ask Wal-Mart for a discount or even ask United Airlines for a free flight but when it comes to web design, they see things differently. It should be “an act of worship.”

I love God. I am very thankful for my time at Oral Roberts University. I love helping people too. However, that’s not business. I have to eat just like you. McDonalds don’t give out free food because I am good guy. Right?

Dealing with them professionally.

I do not want to address the ministry issue too much as that is better for its post but how do you deal with cheap ass clients? How do you do it professionally?

You have your price that is for everyone. You charge what you charge. They can pay it like the next guy or move on. I am sure they can find someone to use on Elance or Fiverr for cheap.

There is nothing more disrespectful to me that asking me to work for cheap. Do you not value my skills at all? 

Web Design: Know it all Clients

Web Design: Know it all Clients

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I have had Web Design clients that try and tell me how to do my job.

I know how do you HTML so why is it so hard?

If they really did know so much about html, css and other programming concepts, they wouldn’t be paying you to do it for them. Really, they wouldn’t. However, clients telling you how to do your job will come….often.

They wouldn’t a doctor how to do an operation. They wouldn’t tell a firefighter how to save their home. They wouldn’t tell a pilot how to fly an airplane. Why do they feel a need to tell a web design how to make a website? They think a video on Youtube makes them an expert…. literally. 

Trust me, they will come

It might not be a first client or a tenth one but you will get a know it all client that wants to know why you did every single line in the code. They really don’t anything about code but they saw something on Google so they are now an expert.

The other excuse I have heard alot but a whole article about that is better, “My son/nephew/grandson is an amazing web designer but he is so busy.” Most times, that is pure bullshit.

Most times, you just simply at them being such dumb asses and move on. It is what I do. They want to feel that they know something when they don’t. Just let them live in their pretend ego and go on with the project.

When hell breaks loose

I had a client. She was an “expert” in Google searches. She told how to do every little thing with three links she found for each. Every thing I did was second questioned by her and a link was provided to question it. I am not even joking.
After a week of dealing with this, I finally emailed her the following email.

If you know so damn much, why are you paying me do the website. Why don’t you see if you can Google it and do it your damn self. I am done. The deposit is non-refundable. Here is the files I have done. Goodbye.

You don’t need the wicked witch of the West for your business. Tell them to move along.